Teach Me Tuesday


Hey Hey!

Happy Tuesday to you all! It has been more than a while since I wrote a TMT post. This past couple of months have been a whirlwind of changes. The change I am referring to is my son 🙂 He is growing so fast and learning so quickly and I actually tear up when I say this ,but he is becoming so independent. I have learned so many little mommy hacks and every day tips in the past couple of months I actually had to sit down and make a list so I wouldn’t forget. Let’s get started cause I am really excited to share!

In one of my past TMT posts I wrote about how to keep your kids sleepers by simply cutting the toes off and hemming them if you don’t like the look of a rough cut. Well, I am not going to say I learned this but instead I will say I was reminded of the Queen of all money savers when it comes to kids clothing. Thrifting! I have always enjoyed thrift shopping I am only sad that I started so late in life lol. Throughout college I gave away so many items with tags on them because I either forgot I owned them or I gained too much weight to fit in them. I walked into a little piece of heaven named Kid Zone Thrift and went BANANAS! I spent a total of $20 bucks and walked out with so many pieces of clothing for my little guy and most of it was brand spanking new. Best of all I purchased about four sets of pajamas for $1.99 a piece. Check out the picture below to see one!


I even purchased a couple of t-shirts and two pair of shorts. No need to cut and sew sleepers anymore!

My next TMT tip this Tuesday is all about preparation. I don’t know about anyone else, but I actually can not stand carrying about those big bulky baby bags. I have even tried just purchasing a canvas bag, you know like the ones from your college days. Yeah, I quickly remembered why I hated those too. They get too heavy and I end up with a bruised shoulder or back pains. What makes it worse is I somehow seem to forget the perfectly packed baby bag that took about 30 minutes of my life to pack and then I end up stuck with a diaper full of poop explosion, an upset baby and a headache lol. So, I wised up and decided to create and emergency baby stash in my car. Yup. I mean I have everything in a bag in my trunk. I’m talking diapers, wipes, nasal aspirator, a second outfit, an empty sippy cup, sunblock, baby lotion…. Let’s just say I am stock piled just incase. Simple hack for any mom out there who hasn’t already thought it up.

My last TMT tip is actually something my wonderful husby taught me. Yes Ladies, our husbands can teach of a thing or two about parenting 🙂 My husband, son and I were recently at a birthday party for a cousin of mine. It was outside at a park and yes it was pretty warm out. My son was very thirsty and unfortunately the sippy cup we had on hand had leftover milk in it and we would rather wash it out with soap and water before letting him drink that so, Steven, my husband took my water bottle pulled out a knife from his key chain (yes my husband walks around with a utility key chain) I joke on him all the time up until he used that knife to poke a hole in the cap of the water bottle. This way baby pie can tilt the bottle up like he would his sippy cup and drink until his little tummy is content. I am going to be honest y’all, husby never looked sexier 🙂 Now when we are out and the opportunity presents it’s self I never hesitate to hydrate my son by any means necessary. Some may think it’s a bit much, but given the situation and my sons temperament when hungry or thirsty, I was one satisfied mama.

Well that’s about it for my TMT tips, I realize this is all baby related but lets me honest my life revolves around my number one guy Ty these days. I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and most of all I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! Stay Inspired folks!

Aspire to Inspire,