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Thankful Thursday





Happy Thursday!

This week I am grateful for memories. I found myself thinking back on childhood memories with my family. Lots of good times! It makes me cherish the little moments even more (especially with my baby pie). I even treasure the challenging moments lol.


This may sound weird, but I actually enjoy my memories more than pictures or video. It’s something sweet about a memory. While video and pictures are wonderful to have, I feel like there are tiny moments that a picture can not capture, and a video can easily be lost or destroyed, but your memories are truly forever. What’s your favorite childhood memory? Leave it below. Stay Inspired folks!

Aspire to Inspire,


Thankful Thursday!




Hey Hey!

What are you thankful for on this lovely Thursday?  This week I am thankful for patience. I recently received some wonderful news from an old co-worker/friend who is receiving the fruits of her patience. She is about to make a great career move and I am so delighted for her. This has been a long time coming, although at times it was hard and aggravating for her to be patient I know now she understands the long wait was worth it. I love you girlie, you deserve this and need this change. Have you ever heard the expression patience is a virtue? I am sure you have. I have never really been the type of person to rush into things. I like to take my time and weigh my options, but there are moments when I just want to jump into something without giving a second thought. I have learned over time that patience always gives you what you want in the end. Most of the time you are 110% more satisfied than you would have been if you hadn’t waited.


Please don’t mistake this post as me saying that you get what you want by sitting around and waiting. You definitely need to put effort into what it is you so desperately want. I just find in my experiences patience has always provided me with more than what I wanted. It also provided what I needed. So the next time you want to rush into making a huge purchase or making a rash decision on the first thing you see, remember that patience will eventually get you what you are longing to have.



Always keep in mind that just because things are not happening the way or when you want them doesn’t mean that they will not happen. In perfect timing anything is possible. Stay Inspired, patient and thankful lovely people!