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Revamped Sweater Part 2


Hey Hey!

I am back this week with a part 2 of my fall series. Yes, I decided to decorate another sweater. I purchased this sweater from Salvation Army for about 3 bucks. I did run into a little problem with this sweater, as I believe I was trying to do entirely too much. Nonetheless, I was able to save the poor sweater from my bad idea and I would say it came out pretty good. Take a look!

Items Used:

  • Fabric Glue
  • Glue gun
  • Embellishments
  • Zippers
  • Old Sweater

Part 2

I am not sure you all are loving the sweater part of the fall series, but hopefully you will like this weeks. If you are ready for something a little different then you will be happy to know next week I have just that in store for you.  I hope to see you all back here next week. Remember to do something inspiring this week. Love you guys! Stay Inspired!

Aspire to Inspire,


Fall Series- Revamped Sweater

Happy Fall!

Today is officially the first day of Fall! Although here it will get as high as 70 degrees today. This week I kicked off my Fall Series. For the next month each week (including this week) I will be sharing all fall everything DIY projects. I started this week with revamped sweaters. Check out the DIY below and please come back next week to see part 2!

Items Needed:

  • An old sweater if you don’t have one Salvation Army is a good place to start. I got some sweaters for 2 dollars each.
  • Old Decorative Shirt
  • Heat and Bond Sold at Wal-Mart for about 8 dollars
  • Scissors
  • Something to trace your shape (I used a heart)
  • Marker/Pen
  • Iron
  • Clear Nail Polish

DIY Fall Series Part 1

Let me know how you enjoyed the video. I do not own a sewing machine (yet . So heat and bond is my no-sew best friend these days. This DIY is perfect for those who do not know how to sew or do not have a needle and thread handy. This DIY was very inexpensive. I purchased the heat and bond for 8 dollars. If you do not have an old sweater you are willing to modify, visit your local thrift store or Salvation Army. How are you preparing for Fall?

Aspire to Inspire,