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Thankful Thursday



Happy Thursday!

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It is 6:53am on Thursday morning and it is now 54 degrees, when yesterday was 72. Too much of this kind of weather can drive anyone crazy. I love cold weather because it gives me the okay to throw some thick leggings on with boots under a pea coat and scarf and still look somewhat fashionable. I just wish our cold weather were more consistent.



This week I am thankful for the warm weather we have had lately. The weather in NC is far from normal. It can go from 40 degrees one day to 72 the next. This week we actually had two beautiful, sunny days! Yes, I am very excited about that lol. I am over winter at the moment and can not wait for the first day of spring. I have it marked on my calendar, although around these parts it doesn’t exactly mean that the weather will be warm, still I am hoping for the best.



This spring, I am looking forward to quite a few things:

  1. Gardening, I am obsessed with trying to not only master planting, but growing my own vegetables. So there will be a lot of YouTube watching in the near future.
  2. My usual park runs! I love my treadmill, but I really don’t use it the way I should. The reason, I need fresh air! My treadmill is crammed in a corner of a guest bedroom with the view of a wall. It only does the job for so long. The park in the spring is great, it’s not too hot, the air is crisp in the morning and it provides me with scenery that isn’t a wall. There are two seasons I love the most and that is fall and spring. You get the best weather in both. Not too hot or cold, the leaves changing colors in the fall are beautiful, the sun shining just right in the spring is the perfect warmth. Yup I am reminiscing. It is definitely time for spring.
  3. Last but not least, my baby pie’s birthday! On May 4 my son will be 1 years old. It is so hard to believe my little 7 pound baby will be turning one in two months. He is growing so fast, I was warned to be ready for the day I turned around and he is a toddler. My heart sank just a little yesterday as I was leaving a store and the sales clerk asked how old Ty is. I accidentally said 9 months and had to correct myself. “10 months, he is 10 months today.” My little baby pie is growing up and somehow I wish I could slow him down just a little.

What are you all thankful for this Thursday? Leave it below if you would like to share.

Have a happy Thursday and Stay Inspired!

Aspire to Inspire,


Thankful Thursday




Happy Thursday!

Well, the week is coming to a close. This week I am thankful for growth, you know personal growth. I learn more and more as I get older. About myself, people, life. As I get older, I began to realize what is important in life. The realization that things and people change and goals take on a different shape are more of a relief now than they are scary to me.


I used to always say it’s no way I could have a child, I am just not mother material. I actually had an old boyfriend tell me that. His words were “you won’t have children, your all about you” I am paraphrasing, but you get the point. The truth was we were way too young to be talking about kids anyway and he was right. It’s amazing though how the things you expect to be important to you your whole life take a backseat when you bring a little one into the world. There is absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do for my son and suddenly everything that was “about me” before, doesn’t exist. Not that I don’t care about myself  or want to take care of myself, just that everything I do now revolves about him, his needs/wants and believe it or not, I’m okay with that.


I met my husband my senior year in high school, and I think we both thought at the time we were just having fun, hanging out. Both young and ambitious about how much fun we could have with the freedom college provided. Through college I saw myself began to grow by living outside of the box. My thinking became broader and neutral. I met so many acquaintances, many of whom became long time friends of mine. College provided a different outlook on life, not because of classes (not that they didn’t help) but because of the people I met, the freedom it provided and the limitless responsibilities I began to take on.


Now, at 30 years old I am slowly realizing that I am still learning, growing. I am still struggling to figure out exactly what it is I am meant to do in this world. Although I have a very good idea lately of what that is. When I am sad, I write. When I am happy, I write. When I am inspired, I write. I have always wanted to write, but I was afraid of letting my thoughts be heard. There is something so personal about writing, so honest and real. This blog was something I would have never done at 18 or 25 for that matter. Through growth I have become somewhat fearless and man do I love it! Personal growth is something I think we all go through everyday, it’s when you embrace it and began to appreciate it that this thing called life gets a little easier. That’s how I see at it anyway 🙂

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What are you thankful for this Thursday?! Stay inspired people!

Aspire to Inspire,



Teach Me Tuesday



Hey Hey!!!

Happy Tuesday People! The monthly TMT is on, and I decided since its Black History month I would fill this post with many thanks to the men and women who fought for many African-Americans rights. This will not be so much a Teach Me Tuesday, but a reminder of what those have done before myself to not only pave an easier path for us today but providing better opportunities today. So here goes!


Rosaparks.jpgRosa Parks

As if I really need to explain any further. Her name says it all. As a child my mother would always use the saying a wise man keeps his mouth shut. I think of Rosa Parks when I think of this saying. She made history without saying a word. She sat in silence and let her body language do all the talking. The epitome of both power and poise.


Phillis Wheatley

Phillis Wheatley, the first African-American poet and to publish a novel. Born in 1753 into slavery, at the age of was sold to a John Wheatley whose family provided her with an education that was not very likely for most african americans in slavery. By twelve she as reading greek and latin, these works inspired her own work. She is known for her work poems on various subjects. She went to court in 1772 to defend her work, because many white people could not believe she wrote such amazing literature on her own. She was praised by George Washington and the infamous Jupiter Hammon (another african american poet) recognized her work in his own writing. If you haven’t heard of Ms. Wheatley or ever read any of her work,you can buy it here. I love to write and have had a bit of anxiety about putting my poetry online lately. Hearing her story of how she had to fight to prove her work definitely puts my anxiety in check. Thank you for the inspiration Wheatley, I will never doubt myself again.

Martin Luther King Jr NYWTS.jpg

Martin Luther King Jr.

Mr. King believed in peace, unity and love. What more is there to say. He is infamous for so many things. The most popular being the dream he spoke into existence. He believed in using his words as weapons. His words will forever be remembered, and his actions will forever be honored.

These are only a few from a list of honorable first in african american history. If you are interested in learning about the first flack doctor, lawyer, or elected official click here. As I read the list I humbled myself. I felt both proud and great honor.

Happy Black History Month!

Aspire to Inspire,


Thankful Thursday




Happy Thursday!

The week is almost at a close. Anyone have any special plans this weekend? This week has been an interesting week. I enrolled baby pie in a class at a place called The Little Gym. We had an introductory class last Thursday. It was a lot of fun. I already see that he is going to be  very friendly, but a bit of a busy body lol. It got me to thinking about how curious I used to be as a child. You know that saying “curiosity killed the cat”? I never much cared for that saying, although I heard it a bit when I was younger. I am thankful for my curiosity. Some people like to turn it into a negative thing, but I welcome it. I see it in my son a lot. I love that he is curious because it tells me he won’t fall for anything. It’s okay to question things you don’t understand. Being curious allows us to feed our brain with as much information on the topic as possible. I am all about learning something I didn’t know about yesterday, Today.  What are you thankful for this week?

curiosity_quotes1_750_960Aspire to Inspire,


Thankful Thursday





Hey Hey!

Happy Thursday to you! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Our Christmas was very nice. Baby pie got some great gifts. Oh! and Happy New Year! This week I am finding myself looking back on 2014. This year I have carried and gave birth to a handsome baby boy, took a huge leap career wise, left my twenties behind (Why hello 30) started this lovely blog, and became confident enough to become friends with YouTube. This has been the best year of my life!



The very best actually, I would do it over again if needed but, I am so excited to see what 2015 has in store. I have been so abundantly blessed, this year more than any other. I used to think taking chances, leaps of faith or whatever you want to call it was not realistic. I used to think you must have a plan for everything. Everything meticulously planned out, that’s how i lived my life. I took my first leap of faith and everything changed from that point on. It’s amazing how drastic changes (whether planned or surprised) can give you a boost of confidence. 2014 has been one fun roller coaster of great emotions.

Happy New Year hd wallpaper 2015


Although I am thankful for 2014, I more than look forward to 2015. I am not gonna say a new me in the New Year and all that, not that I dislike it or anything. I just don’t want to change who I am, just my goals. So, this year I am reaching for higher goals, goals that I have feared for years. That’s what people should be aiming for every year to set a goal higher than the goal you set for yourself the year before. What are you all thankful for this week?!

Aspire to Inspire,