Thankful Thursday



Happy Thursday!

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It is 6:53am on Thursday morning and it is now 54 degrees, when yesterday was 72. Too much of this kind of weather can drive anyone crazy. I love cold weather because it gives me the okay to throw some thick leggings on with boots under a pea coat and scarf and still look somewhat fashionable. I just wish our cold weather were more consistent.



This week I am thankful for the warm weather we have had lately. The weather in NC is far from normal. It can go from 40 degrees one day to 72 the next. This week we actually had two beautiful, sunny days! Yes, I am very excited about that lol. I am over winter at the moment and can not wait for the first day of spring. I have it marked on my calendar, although around these parts it doesn’t exactly mean that the weather will be warm, still I am hoping for the best.



This spring, I am looking forward to quite a few things:

  1. Gardening, I am obsessed with trying to not only master planting, but growing my own vegetables. So there will be a lot of YouTube watching in the near future.
  2. My usual park runs! I love my treadmill, but I really don’t use it the way I should. The reason, I need fresh air! My treadmill is crammed in a corner of a guest bedroom with the view of a wall. It only does the job for so long. The park in the spring is great, it’s not too hot, the air is crisp in the morning and it provides me with scenery that isn’t a wall. There are two seasons I love the most and that is fall and spring. You get the best weather in both. Not too hot or cold, the leaves changing colors in the fall are beautiful, the sun shining just right in the spring is the perfect warmth. Yup I am reminiscing. It is definitely time for spring.
  3. Last but not least, my baby pie’s birthday! On May 4 my son will be 1 years old. It is so hard to believe my little 7 pound baby will be turning one in two months. He is growing so fast, I was warned to be ready for the day I turned around and he is a toddler. My heart sank just a little yesterday as I was leaving a store and the sales clerk asked how old Ty is. I accidentally said 9 months and had to correct myself. “10 months, he is 10 months today.” My little baby pie is growing up and somehow I wish I could slow him down just a little.

What are you all thankful for this Thursday? Leave it below if you would like to share.

Have a happy Thursday and Stay Inspired!

Aspire to Inspire,



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